If you’re a pet owner, your animal is likely more than just a pet to you. It’s a member of your family. That said, no matter how much you love your pet, they impact the indoor air quality within your Hiawassee, GA home. Learn more about how pets impact air quality and what you can do to improve it below.

Pet Dander Lingers Longer Than Other Allergens

Of all the ways that pets negatively impact indoor air quality, pet dander is among the worst. It’s not only microscopic but also jagged in shape. As a result, it becomes embedded in bedding, fabrics, and furniture.

Like other allergens, pet dander causes inflammation of nasal passages, watery eyes, and shortness of breath. Thankfully, professional air cleaners can remove them from your home.

Pets Track in More Allergens

Unless your pet stays inside all the time, it likely tracks in allergens from outside that diminish your indoor air quality. Pollen and dust mites are just a few examples of allergens that your pet can track indoors.

Pet Hair Lowers Air Quality and Clogs Filters

If you have a pet, you’ll need to change your HVAC filter more often than the manufacturer recommends. The reason is that pet hair gets sucked up and caught in the filter, shortening its lifespan.

A clogged filter makes your HVAC system work harder and prevents it from removing other allergens from the air. Unless you have an air purifier, the filter isn’t strong enough to remove all of the allergens and pet hair that you and your family breathe in.

Let Radlee Heating and Cooling Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

At Radlee Heating and Cooling, we take great pride in improving indoor air quality using a variety of products and techniques. Call today to learn more about our whole house dehumidifier services and how we can dramatically improve the quality of air that you breath.

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