Dehumidifier Installation & Repair Services for Northeast Georgia and Western Carolina Region

Does your home suffer from moisture issues? If you’ve been struggling with musty odors or window condensation, a whole house dehumidifier from Radlee Heating and Cooling could be your secret weapon for eliminating these telltale warning signs.

whole house dehumidifier

Signs Your Home Needs a Whole House Dehumidifier

Humidity has a direct impact on your comfort, but it’s one of the trickiest variables to control. Excess moisture comes from indoor activities like cooking, cleaning, and bathing as well as air infiltration. Ground moisture can also enter your living areas through the crawlspace. In addition to increasing your comfort, resolving moisture issues can reduce allergy symptoms, improve your home’s air quality and, prevent structural damage. Here are some of the primary benefits.

  • Comfort: Dehumidifiers are the first line of defense against that uncomfortable and all-too-familiar sticky feeling that’s common during the summer months. Based on the heat index, dehumidification decreases the perceived temperature, which could lower your energy use and your cooling bills.
  • Allergen Control: Dust mites and microbial pollutants thrive in damp conditions. Simply reducing the relative humidity to the 40 to 50 percent range is one of the most effective ways to control these irritants according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • Odors: Organic growth proliferates in high-moisture environments, and some of these microbes produce unpleasant odors. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends using HVAC and dehumidification equipment to control excess humidity and eliminate musty odors that aren’t caused by water leaks.

Professional Installation Services for Home Dehumidifiers

If these symptoms sound familiar, a home dehumidifier could be a valuable addition to your home. High-capacity units can be installed within your AC ducts or in your crawlspace depending on whether you’re controlling humidity levels inside your living spaces or removing moisture at the source.

  • Ducted Installations: Conventional installations position the unit within the return ducts so that it pretreats the air that’s entering your HVAC system. In some cases, our Install Experts will also add a ventilation line to resolve other indoor air quality challenges.
  • Crawlspace Installations: If you’re installing a vapor barrier and encapsulating your crawlspace, a non-ducted model can effectively regulate moisture levels within this enclosed area. Standalone installations are also suitable for attics, storage areas, and spaces that aren’t served by your HVAC system.

Benefits of Home Dehumidifiers

Many homeowners in the Western Carolinas and Northeast Georgia rely on portable dehumidifiers to improve their comfort, especially during the summer. However, whole house models offer numerous benefits.

  • Whole house dehumidifiers can remove 8 to 15 gallons of moisture daily, which is about twice as much as most portable units.
  • Due to the systems’ design and installation, there’s no need to empty heavy water buckets. These products are virtually maintenance free.
  • Most units feature an onboard filtration panel that can increase the system’s performance while improving your home’s indoor air quality at the same time.

If you’re interested in enhancing your comfort or controlling one or more moisture-related issues, contact Radlee Heating and Cooling at (706) 703-4883. Our Comfort Consultants will gladly assess your home and provide personalized product recommendations. Our expansive service area includes: Clarkesville, GA; Clayton, GA; Hiawassee, GA; Mountain City, GA; Cashiers, NC; Highlands, NC.

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