Whole Home Standby Generator Sales and Service for Northeast Georgia and Western Carolina Region

Install a standby generator to increase your home’s resale value while enjoying enhanced peace of mind. Here on the edge of two pristine national forests between Northeast Georgia and the Western Carolinas, we can experience Mother Nature at her finest. There’s no shortage of breathtaking surroundings, but we also face our fair share of severe storms and wild winter weather. Power outages are a fact of life for many customers within our service area, but with a whole house generator, they can be a thing of the past.

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Types of Standby Generators

Home generators can keep the lights on or do much more. You have the option to power specific circuits for critical appliances, including your HVAC unit, well pump, refrigerator, or medical equipment. You can also use these devices to run your entire home.

  • Power Capacities: Compact standby generators that are designed for designated circuits or mid-sized homes come in capacities between 6 and 22 kilowatts. Larger units with capacities up to 60 kilowatts are ideal for businesses, larger homes, and high-demand applications.
  • Fuel Types: Many home generators rely on municipal gas supplies, but if you live in a rural area or community that doesn’t have natural gas, there are alternatives. Products that run on liquefied petroleum gas or diesel fuel can be used off-grid and in remote areas with limited utility access.

Installation Services for Home Generators

When installing a whole house generator, the first step is assessing the necessary capacity based on your goals, your home’s average energy use, and the number of appliances or circuits that you’re powering. This determines the type of system that you need, as well as the expected cost.

Most whole house generators include a prewired transfer switch that’s rated according to the unit’s capacity. Although manual options are available, automatic transfer switches provide enhanced convenience. If the system detects a power interruption, it automatically switches to your backup power source without any effort on your part. For part-time and seasonal residents, home generators are also compatible with cellular monitoring systems that let you check the system’s output from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access or mobile data service.

Getting in Touch with Our Contractors

If you’re ready to say goodbye to power outages, call (706) 703-4883 to reach Radlee Heating and Cooling in Mountain City, Georgia. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions or to give you a free estimate for equipment sales or installation services. Our expansive service area includes: Clarkesville, GA; Clayton, GA; Hiawassee, GA; Mountain City, GA; Cashiers, NC; Highlands, NC.

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