It won’t be long until cold winter air arrives in Mountain City, GA. To make sure your furnace is ready to keep your home warm and comfortable, it’s time to schedule a maintenance visit. Consider these ways in which annual furnace tune-ups help optimize the efficiency and performance of your home’s heating system.

Remove Dust and Debris

A major part of our annual furnace tune-ups involves cleaning the burners, combustion chamber, fans, and other key parts. Dust and dirt buildup in these areas reduces the furnace’s efficiency at burning fuel and converting it into heat. We also replace the furnace’s air filter during a maintenance visit. According to Energy Star, a dirty filter considerably reduces furnace efficiency. We recommend filter changes at least every three months, and our technicians can show you how to do this between annual furnace tune-ups.

Reduce Friction

Friction between moving parts of your furnace also reduces efficiency. During our annual furnace tune-ups, our technicians lubricate all of the furnace’s moving parts. The lubrication ensures that the moving parts glide with minimal effort. This also reduces wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear are a leading cause of furnace breakdowns and short furnace lifespans.

Improve Airflow

Improper settings, dirty sensors, and damaged controls may reduce airflow in your furnace. Without enough airflow, the pilot can’t ignite and burn the gas. Our technicians check for optimal airflow in the furnace’s combustion chamber. Ventilation is also a key part of furnace airflow. We ensure that the waste products are properly ventilated through the flue, which optimizes efficiency and safety.

Test Burner and Pilot

A malfunctioning pilot or burner will cause issues with the combustion process. As part of our annual furnace tune-ups, we check the pilot’s performance. We also inspect the flame for color and flickering.

For more information about the ways annual furnace tune-ups optimize energy efficiency, take a look at Radlee Heating and Cooling’s heating maintenance services, or contact our experienced heating contractors today.

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