Heat pumps are powerful, efficient and highly useful devices to have in your home. Like any other piece of sophisticated equipment, though, they require the occasional tuneup. Here’s why the fall is an excellent time for residents of Macon, GA, to schedule a heat pump tuneup:

Preparation for the Winter Months

Though the weather has already begun to get chillier, things will only get colder when winter arrives. Once that happens, your heat pump will work harder to keep your home warm than it’ll be at any other time of the year. Therefore, you should guarantee that all parts of your heat pump are functioning as well as possible beforehand.

Maintenance work not only beefs up your system’s capacity to operate in general but may also detect underlying problems that would not otherwise be obvious. Your heat pump’s fan may not have totally stopped working, but may threaten to do so in the future. It’s better to fix potential problems now than to have to entirely replace a dead heat pump in the middle of winter.

Increase Heating Efficiency and Energy Savings

People love heat pumps for their superior energy efficiency, but this efficiency naturally declines over time as years of use bear down upon the system. Regular maintenance is the best way to counteract this natural degradation.

Along with this natural loss of efficiency is a corresponding increase in your energy bills as your heat pump loses the ability to extract as much from a given quantity of electricity as it could before. Paying for maintenance will decrease your future energy bills. This is all the more essential in the fall since winter lies ahead.

A Heat Pump Tuneup Prolongs the System’s Life

Broadly speaking, heat pumps last for about 15 years before completely wearing out. Without maintenance, however, they will reach the end of their lives even sooner. Good maintenance can keep them serviceable for even longer periods.

Don’t neglect heat pump maintenance. Since the fall is a great time to take care of business, we encourage you to call Radlee Heating and Cooling today and request our heat pump tuneup services.

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