Mountain City, GA, is known for high humidity and summer temperatures. High humidity affects indoor comfort and creates an environment for biological contaminants and pests to thrive. You may have heard about the benefits of investing in dehumidifiers, but did you know that they are helpful in maintaining indoor air quality and ventilation and discouraging moisture growth? Below, we’ll discuss how moisture enters crawlspaces and the advantages of dehumidifiers in combating this and more annoying problems.

How Moisture Enters Crawlspaces

Crawlspaces promote airflow around your home and provide access to different plumbing and electrical components. However, moisture tends to build up in these areas over time, particularly during hot and humid seasons. It enters from the ground through wall leaks, plumbing leaks, floods, and spills that seep down through the floor.

Another common way moisture invades is through your AC ducts, especially if they sweat or leak. Moisture attracts pests, causes wood to rot, affects insulation, and degrades the integrity of the materials that support your home.

How Dehumidifiers Minimize Crawlspace Moisture

Ground vapor barriers placed on the surface of your crawlspace keep moisture from seeping up from the soil. Moisture barriers and liners, on the other hand, prevent water from entering through the walls. Regular inspections are also a wise idea to prevent potential damage in the future.

After sealing your crawlspace, look into purchasing a whole house dehumidifier for controlling moisture levels. Strategically placed stand-alone units will also ensure humidity levels are kept within recommended limits and lower energy usage.

Dehumidify Your Crawlspace Today

For more information about dehumidifiers, removing moisture from your home’s crawlspace and improving indoor comfort, give Radlee Heating and Cooling a call. Our service experts will evaluate the condition of your home or commercial space and recommend ways to regulate humidity, improve indoor comfort, and lower utility bills.

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