Making sure that every room in your Georgia home is as comfortable as possible will help your family stay warm in winter and cool in the summer. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends ductless multi-splits as a way to create comfort zones inside your home. By allowing each member of your family to determine the most comfortable temperatures inside their rooms or living spaces, ductless multi-splits provide real flexibility in managing heating and cooling in Mountain City, GA.

Understanding Ductless Systems

Traditional air conditioning systems use ducts to move cool air from its origin point throughout your home. In areas where no ductwork is present or where added cooling or heating is needed, however, ductless systems can provide reliable and efficient control over indoor temperatures without extensive installation costs. ENERGY STAR recommends mini-split ductless systems for their high energy efficiency and reduced loss of conditioned air through gaps and holes in ductwork.

Ductless Mini-splits and Multi-splits

While a basic mini-split air conditioning and heating system usually consists of a single outdoor unit connected to an indoor air-handling system, ductless multi-splits include an outdoor unit and up to eight individual indoor units. Each indoor unit can be programmed with its own thermostat and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your family members and their comfort. Multi-splits are often an ideal choice for families with varying comfort requirements and temperature needs in our community. By working with a local company, you can access the professional HVAC installation services you need to take advantage of the benefits of ductless multi-splits for your home and your family.

At Radlee Heating and Cooling, we offer comprehensive heating and cooling solutions that include repairs, maintenance and professional HVAC installation services. To learn more about our inventory of ductless multi-splits or to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your current comfort solutions, call us today to touch base with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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