You’ve had your heat pump in Clayton, GA, for years. Perhaps the time is coming for you to replace it. There will be several factors to weigh if yo’re considering a replacement. Deciding between heat pump repair and replacement depends on its age, its current performance and the cost of any pending repairs.

Age of Your Heat Pump

If you keep the thermostat’s set point at a reasonable 68 degrees, don’t have to deal with extremely cold temperatures all the time and don’t neglect to schedule annual heat pump maintenance, your system should last up to 15 years with hardly any problem. Ductless heat pumps can go for twice that length. If your current heat pump is nearing its projected end, you’ll want to take the next two factors seriously.

Expensive Heat Pump Repairs

Maybe you’ve found out recently from a service technician that your ailing heat pump needs a new motor or coil, neither of which is a cheap component. However, even the costliest repair job, such as getting a brand-new compressor, would be worth it if the system were relatively new. Only with older systems would you think twice since the heat pump repair may not extend its lifespan by much.

Inefficient Operation

If the system shuts down before it heats your home, runs forever to do its job or circulates the air poorly, it’s a good candidate for replacement. Also take into account your monthly bill, which may be rising despite the poor performance. A new heat pump will save you money in the long run.

Radlee Heating and Cooling can help you decide between a heat pump repair and replacement, so give us a call today for an appointment in Clayton, GA. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, and we have NATE-certified service technicians who can provide you with detail-oriented work.

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