Most people usually associate air pollution with things like smog, car exhaust, heavy industry, and wildfire smoke. The reality, however, is that indoor air pollution can be a much greater problem. One issue that poses a range of health risks for homeowners in Mountain City, Georgia is combustion pollutants. Knowing how to manage this hazard is essential to protecting your family’s health.

Heating Maintenance

One potential source of combustion-related contaminants is your furnace. There’s not much risk if your furnace is operating properly, but a malfunctioning system can significantly impact your indoor air quality. Any problem that interferes with your unit’s operation can potentially lead to combustion byproducts being released into your home. To prevent this, keep your furnace well-maintained with regular maintenance visits from a qualified contractor.

Proper Ventilation

Modern homes tend to be more airtight than ever before. That sounds like a good thing, but the lack of airflow does pose some problems. If your home is tightly sealed, combustion pollutants are more likely to linger and become concentrated. The simplest way to correct this problem is by improving your home’s ventilation. A ventilator system actively expels stale, contaminated air and replaces it with fresh air pulled in from outdoors.

Air Cleaner Solutions

In addition to ventilating your home properly, you can also improve indoor air quality by adding an air cleaner system. Air cleaners and air purifiers use a variety of different technologies to filter contaminants directly from the air. These systems are generally highly effective at removing many of the most common combustion byproducts. A professional technician can help you review the available types and determine which one best meets your particular filtering needs.

Combustion pollutants are produced by so many different sources that it’s almost impossible to prevent them entirely. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the potential hazards that come with them. To make sure your home is healthy and pollution-free, check out Radlee Heating and Cooling’s indoor air quality services or call (706) 703-4883.

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