When you input your temperature preferences on the thermostat, the device sends instructions to your HVAC system. It prompts the HVAC system to start a temperature regulation cycle. Misusing the device directly impacts your indoor comfort and energy consumption. Let’s discuss some thermostat mistakes homeowners in Mountain City, GA, make and how to avoid them.

Setting the Thermostat Too High

Setting the thermostat too high in heating mode will make your system run longer to attain the indoor temperature you want. When your system overworks, its components undergo increased strain, thus accelerating their wear and tear. Your HVAC system will also inflate your energy bill when it runs for an extended period.

Continuing to Use an Outdated HVAC Thermostat

Thermostat technology has evolved over the years. Modern thermostats increase convenience, comfort and energy savings.

For older thermostats, you will need to input your preferred temperatures manually on the device. On the other hand, you can give instructions to smart thermostats through a smartphone application.

The application also notifies you when you need to schedule maintenance services for your system and when to change the air filter. This helps to keep your system running efficiently at all times. Smart thermostats also monitor how your HVAC system uses energy and suggest ways to conserve it through the application.

Using the Wrong Fan Settings

There are two settings on a standard thermostat that control your HVAC system’s fan: “On” and “Auto.” Using the “On” setting prompts the fan to run constantly.

When the fan runs after the system has completed a cycle, it continues circulating air in your home. While this can actually help reduce your energy bills when used correctly, leaving your system in “On” mode indiscriminately can increase those bills. Consider using the “Auto” setting, as the fan only runs when the system is undergoing a temperature regulation cycle.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll allow your thermostat to work efficiently. Our service technicians always deliver high-quality services to keep our clients happy. Contact Radlee Heating and Cooling for exceptional repair services in Mountain City, GA.

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