A poorly sized furnace won’t keep your home comfortable. It won’t save you any money on utility bills either. Here’s how to tell whether a furnace is properly sized for your home in Mountain City, GA:

Symptoms of an Oversized Furnace

A furnace that repeatedly starts up, runs for a short time, and then shuts off is short cycling. Short cycling is a common feature of overly large furnaces. Instead of running long enough to thoroughly heat your home, oversized furnaces deliver a short blast of hot air and then cycle off. The indoor temperature rises briefly but drops quickly, and the unit cycles back on. Oversized furnaces are always working overtime, so they generate high energy bills. The excessive wear and tear they endure can also cause premature furnace replacement.

Symptoms of an Undersized Furnace

Undersized furnaces must run continuously just to reach and maintain the thermostat setting. That generates as much wear and tear as short cycling. A smaller furnace installation may cost less initially, but you’ll spend more on utility bills and a possible furnace replacement down the road.

Larger Furnaces Don’t Give You More Heat

A larger furnace will actually give you less heat. It will also give you inconsistent indoor comfort with hot and cold spots throughout your home. You can get stuck with an oversized furnace if your HVAC contractor fails to perform a complete Manual J load calculation prior to installation. The results of the Manual J load calculation determine the size of the furnace that your home currently needs. Using this measurement, you’ll get a properly sized furnace for your Georgia home.

The heating installation experts at Radlee Heating and Cooling always perform a full Manual J load calculation. We guarantee that your new unit will be a properly sized furnace. Call us at (706) 703-4883 to learn more.

s the Furnace in Your Home Properly Sized?

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