Heat pumps offer energy-efficient comfort for your home all year long. In the summertime, they function like an air conditioner by removing heat and humidity from your home’s air. To make sure your Mountain City, GA home is ready for summer temperatures, be sure to schedule a professional heat pump maintenance visit. Let’s take a look at what a maintenance visit entails and why it’s important.

Replace the Air Filter

One of the most important parts of maintaining your heat pump is replacing its air filter every one to three months. The air filter traps particles from your home’s air. Removal of these particles improves your home’s air quality and keeps the interior parts of the heat pump cleaner. Running your HVAC system with a dirty filter could decrease its energy efficiency by up to 25%, explains the Department of Energy.

Keep Coils Clean

Another important part of heat pump tune-ups is keeping the coils clean. The indoor and outdoor units both contain a set of coils. The refrigerant moves through them and transfers heat energy. Dirty coils interfere with the airflow, so your HVAC system will have to work harder. Your home may not feel as comfortable. Our certified HVAC technicians use special tools to safely clean the fragile coils. Clean coils are less likely to freeze or overheat, which could prevent costly heat pump repairs.

Remove Debris

The indoor unit’s fan blows the air from your home across the cold evaporator coil. If the fan’s blades are dirty, it won’t move as efficiently. The outdoor unit’s fans dissipate heat away from your home. Pollen, dust, dirt and bird droppings may accumulate on the outdoor unit’s fan, reducing its effectiveness. During a maintenance visit, our technicians rinse the fan blades and housing.

For more information about preparing your heat pump for the summertime, take a look at Radlee Heating and Cooling’s heat pump maintenance services, or reach out to us today.

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