Are you shopping for a new heating system before the coldest weather starts blowing through Hiawassee, GA? Among the many options available, ductless heating is one of the most energy-efficient and safest. Read on to learn more about ductless heating and whether you should invest in this type of HVAC installation for your home.

Ditch the Costly Ductwork

As the name suggests, ductless heating systems don’t require ductwork to deliver warm air into your living spaces. Ducts develop cracks that waste energy. They also become filthy over time, impacting energy-efficient operation and your indoor air quality. With ductless heating, you won’t need to pay for duct services to prevent these problems.

Variable-Speed Compressors

The heart of a ductless HVAC system is its variable-speed compressor. Most heating systems can only operate at one of two speeds, cycling on and off constantly. The process of turning on and off uses the most energy. Ductless heating systems with variable-speed compressors run continuously while meeting your comfort demands around the clock.

Single- and Multi-Zone Ductless Heating

Single-zone ductless heaters work well in new home additions, studio apartments and garage conversions. A single-zone setup includes one indoor air handler and one outdoor compressor. In a multi-zone setup, you can connect up to eight indoor air handlers to one outdoor compressor and split your property into several climate control zones. Each features a thermostat that allows you to enjoy custom heating in that space. As a result, you stop heating empty areas.

Washable Filters

Ductless mini-splits feature washable filters that are easy to clean. As such, you won’t have to pay to replace your filters. Remember to check your filter every month and wash it as directed in the owner’s manual.

Contact Radlee Heating and Cooling if you’d like to take your energy savings to the next level and reduce your carbon footprint. We can help you select and install the right ductless HVAC system for your comfort demands and budget.

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