If you need a new HVAC unit in your Mountain City, GA home or business, there are many things to consider as you make your selection. Choosing correctly will provide years of comfort, reduced energy usage and can add value to your home.

Selecting a System

Your budget and indoor comfort needs are two important factors in selecting a new AC installation. Equally important is choosing a system that works with your lifestyle and the design of your home. NATE-certified AC contractors can help you select an energy-efficient system that meets your needs.

A ductless mini-split can solve the problem if your house doesn’t have ducts. As the name indicates no ducts are required. Instead, individual air handlers installed in each room are connected to an outside compressor by a conduit routed through the wall. The conduit includes refrigerant, electrical, and condensate lines. Mini-splits are heat pumps that heat and cool whereas air conditioners only cool.

Heat pumps are also used with ducted systems. Simply flipping a switch reverses the flow of refrigerant from heating to cooling mode. If you need backup heating, hybrid heating kicks in when heat pumps become less efficient.

Multi-stage and variable speed systems change speeds in response to demand. These systems are highly energy-efficient, provide excellent humidity control, and evenly distribute air for enhanced comfort.


Proper sizing is the key to comfort and system efficiency. Oversized units cycle frequently without removing humidity. This can cause rooms to feel clammy. Undersized units work harder to maintain comfort. Both oversized and undersized systems experience more breakdowns and may wear out before the end of the expected service life.

Radlee Heating and Cooling of Mountain City, GA adheres to the highest industry standards of customer service and technological expertise. We understand the importance of calculating load and proper installation. We talk with you about your AC installation needs and recommend equipment that performs well in northeast Georgia’s humid environment.

For more information about choosing an AC installation that complements your budget and lifestyle, call the professional air conditioning contractors at Radlee Heating and Cooling at (706) 703-4883.

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