Modern furnaces offer Mountain City homeowners a host of high-tech-features. From greater energy efficiency to enhanced personal comfort and cleaner indoor air, today’s furnaces are truly state-of-the-art.

Variable Speed Blower Motors

Single speed blower motors run at high speed only. They cycle on to deliver a blast of hot air and cycle off. Variable speed blowers adjust heating output to match what’s needed in real-time. These blowers increase fan speed to quickly heat your home when indoor temperatures drop. When the desired temperature is reached, they run slowly and steadily to maintain consistent indoor comfort. The fan is not constantly cycling on and off so it uses less energy and utility bills are reduced.

Modulating Furnaces

Modulating furnaces perform at various capacities depending on how much warmth is needed. They usually run at just a small fraction of full capacity. The lower the running capacity, the more efficient the furnace. Modulating furnaces are able to achieve efficiencies of 98 percent. Furnace features include quiet operation and cleaner indoor air. They have a longer service life because modulating furnaces suffer less wear and tear.

Condensing Furnaces

These furnaces reduce heat waste by using two heat exchangers instead of one. Old school furnaces expel gas waste that still contains warm air. Losing that warm air reduces furnace efficiency and the escaping heat is wasted. Condensing furnaces have two heat exchangers. The second one is positioned near the exhaust port. It collects as much heat as possible from the escaping gas before that gas passes through the flue. Furnace features like this give condensing furnaces an efficiency of approximately 90 percent.

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