Ductless mini split systems are becoming increasingly popular for Clarkesville, GA, residents. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends ductless mini-split systems as an energy-efficient solution for heating and cooling individual rooms and areas. One problem you may face is water leaks. Here are three common reasons your ductless AC could be leaking H20.

Clogged Condensate Lines

Your condensate line is used to drain away liquid from the drain pan when your ductless AC is up and running. If the line gets clogged or blocked, water can leak onto the floors surrounding your system.

Luckily, you can prevent this problem by scheduling regular maintenance visits with a qualified HVAC technician. They will be able to remove any materials blocking your condensate line and keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Cracked or Damaged Drain Pan

If the drain pan becomes damaged, a replacement or repair will be needed to eliminate water leaks. In many cases, your maintenance technician can spot early signs of cracks in the drain pan during regular service visits. Weigh your options carefully, replace the drain pan or let the problem get worse?

Lack of Regular Maintenance for Your Ductless System

Regular maintenance visits are essential to prevent damage to your ductless mini split system. Dirty air filters reduce airflow, which can cause the coils of your indoor unit to freeze. When the ice melts, water can leak and result in additional damage. Cleaning your air filter regularly is one of the most effective ways to prevent frozen coils.

At Radlee Heating and Cooling, we’ll provide you with prompt repairs and friendly service for all your HVAC needs. Our company has been serving the local area for over two decades. To learn more about installing a ductless air conditioner or to reach a member of our team, call today to schedule a complimentary appointment.

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