With persistent heat and near-tropical humidity, the weather of Hiawassee, GA can be rough on air conditioners. When your AC compressor is pushed beyond its limits, it can bring your entire system to a screeching halt. This type of failure is especially common in oversized AC systems. To avoid this costly fate, it’s important to recognize what happens when your compressor begins to fail.

Hot Air Reversal

When it’s functioning normally, your air conditioner should blow cool air into your home while exhausting hot air outdoors. If that’s no longer happening, there’s a good chance your AC compressor is at fault. A malfunctioning compressor can sometimes stop your AC system from blowing much air at all. In other cases, your system may only be able to produce warm air. Additionally, the exhaust air from the unit may feel cool or lukewarm instead of hot.

Audible Alerts

If your air conditioner is making noises you’ve never heard before, don’t be quick to dismiss them. Faulty compressors will often make ticking or vibrating noises as they struggle to start up. A rattling or clunking noise may be a sign that parts inside the compressor have broken or worked loose. Failing components can also make a variety of other unusual noises, so it’s important to schedule a maintenance visit as soon as possible.

Power Tripping

When it comes to your air conditioner, a tripped circuit breaker on occasion likely isn’t cause for immediate concern. If your system is regularly tripping breakers or causing other electrical issues, however, there may be a serious problem. As AC compressors wear out, they can sometimes begin drawing too much power and overheating. This is a sign that your system needs urgent attention to prevent a possible fire or electrical hazard.

If you suspect a problem with your AC compressor, you need expert HVAC services you can trust. Make the right choice and call the air conditioning repair specialists at Radlee Heating and Cooling today.

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