Many devices today are controlled from a smartphone, tablet, or other connected platform. Trane, an industry leader in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, partners with Nexia using a smart home automation bridge that connects more than 400 Z-Wave products through a single app. If you forget to lower the garage door, want to adjust the thermostat, or need to set a security device for your Cashiers, NC home, this app does it all from wherever you are.

Smart Thermostats for Precise Climate Control

Today’s thermostats do much more than regulate indoor temperature. Smart thermostats adjust temperature settings, adjust fan and compressor settings, program temperature setbacks, monitor energy usage, and view weather forecasts. Some models allow room by room control of temperature and humidity. The Trane-Nexia smart home system lets you do all this from your connected device.

The system also supports 15 preprogrammed automatic settings controlled by simply tapping a button. You can adjust the temperature, monitor energy usage, and turn on the air conditioning before you return home. These settings interface with other connected devices, including motion sensors, indoor and outdoor lights, and door locks.

Monitor HVAC Performance

Just like an F1 racecar that is monitored from the pit lane, your HVAC contractor can monitor the performance of you heating and cooling unit in real time with your permission. This ensures that small problems can be rectified before they become big problems. The system monitors indoor air quality and alerts you and your dealer when it is time to change the air filter and schedule routine maintenance.

Radlee Heating and Cooling’s Smart Home Automation Services

We are a Trane Comfort Specialist, a prestigious designation awarded to select HVAC contractors. Our Service and Install Experts undergo rigorous training to stay at the leading edge of HVAC technology.

We recommend Trane products because they perform in the demanding climate of western North Carolina and northeast Georgia. However, we work on all brands and models of HVAC equipment. In addition, Trane smart thermostats work with virtually every brand of HVAC equipment.

We can help you select the thermostat that works best for your lifestyle, allowing easy control of all your smart devices from a single platform. For more information about smart home automation, feel free to speak to one of our Comfort Consultants at 706-703-4883.

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