If you’re like most people in Clayton, GA, saving money is a high priority. Efficient HVAC equipment like a multi-speed blower motor can reduce your energy bills. It can also enhance your indoor comfort.

What’s So Great About Multi-speed Blower Motors?

Fixed-speed blowers roar to life, blow at full capacity to reach the thermostat setting and then power off. This is an inefficient way to cool your home. Firing up the AC consumes more energy than maintaining the desired temperature. Additionally, when a single-stage blower isn’t running, there is no air circulation. As a result, temperatures can fluctuate significantly in different areas of the house.

Rather than operating on the all-or-nothing principle, multi-speed blowers run at different velocities according to the temperature requirements of your home. They power up at full throttle and switch to a lower speed to maintain the desired temperature. This technology delivers greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills. Because the air conditioner has longer and slower running times, your home will have lower indoor humidity and cleaner air.

What Other Advantages Do Multi-stage Blowers Have Over Single-stage Models?

This blower has up to five speeds that change according to current airflow needs. That keeps cool air circulating instead of stagnating, and you’ll feel cooler. The fan delivers a wind-chill effect like a ceiling fan, so you’ll get more chill for your cooling dollar. Because the air conditioner is running on a lower setting most of the time, you’ll have less noise pollution. Maintaining a cool environment at a lower fan speed reduces wear and tear on your air conditioner. That saves on AC replacement costs over time.

Are you curious about whether a multi-stage blower motor can make your home feel cooler for less? Visit Radlee Heating and Cooling, or call us directly to learn more about efficient HVAC equipment.

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