As your gas furnace ages, it loses its efficiency and ability to keep your home comfortable. Watching for warning signs can help you to determine the best time to replace your heater. Here are a few indications that it might be time to invest in a new heating installation in Clayton, GA:

Excessive Repairs

Older gas furnaces require more frequent repairs during the last few years of their lifespans. These costs can quickly take a toll on your budget. If you’re having to call for heating repairs every few months, you’d be better off investing in a new model.

Increased Energy Costs

No matter how often you call for maintenance, your old furnace won’t be as efficient as before. The system will struggle to effectively burn its fuel, resulting in increased energy consumption and costs.

Strange Sounds

While your gas furnace should make some noise, it shouldn’t be disruptive or distracting. You may hear loud squealing, clanging or thumping if important parts of your system have become damaged or compromised. Continuing to use your old furnace will only worsen the damage, increasing your chances of a sudden system shutdown.

Short Cycling

Short furnace cycles usually mean your system can’t keep your home warm. It may be overworking itself to try to produce enough heat. Short cycling can wear down your furnace’s integrity while skyrocketing your bills.

Visible Corrosion

Over time, your furnace will experience rust and corrosion problems. Once these issues reach the heat exchanger, it’s best to replace the system rather than risk a gas leak. Consult with one of our technicians to determine how far the corrosion has spread.

Don’t wait for your gas furnace to break down and leave you without heat. Call Radlee Heating and Cooling for high-quality heating installation services in Clayton, GA. We can help you upgrade your old gas furnace to a new heat pump.

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