While regular maintenance and prompt attention to necessary repairs can extend the life of your air conditioner, every system eventually wears out. Knowing the signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioner ensures that your Mountain City, GA, home stays comfortable and efficient during the cooling season. If you notice any of the signs below, it’s time to replace your AC system:

Strange Sounds Coming From the AC System

When an air conditioner runs efficiently, there should be little to no noise from the system. Grinding, chattering and squeaking noises all point to the need for an immediate air conditioning repair. Depending on the findings during the air conditioning repair visit, it may be time to replace your AC system.

Your Air Conditioner Smells Weird

Odd smells are another indicator of air conditioning issues. If your home smells musty when the air conditioner runs, there could be some bacterial growth somewhere in the system. Smokey odors are usually indicative of faulty wiring.

Depending on the severity of these problems and the age of your system, you should consider purchasing a new air conditioner. The service technician who performs your AC repair can help you decide the best option.

Rising Energy Bills

Even if your AC system sounds and smells normal, you can recognize the need for a new model by looking at your monthly energy bills. While it’s normal to notice a slight increase in your utility bills during the hottest months of the year, drastic increases can signal that your AC system is no longer capable of efficiently cooling your home.

Our team has been helping Mountain City, GA, residents keep their homes comfortable and efficient since 2001. If it’s time to replace your AC system, we’ll make your comfort needs our priority. Call Radlee Heating and Cooling today for all of your HVAC needs, including AC installation.

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