There’s no worse time for a furnace to malfunction than during the winter. If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer such a major inconvenience, you may feel inclined to take matters into your own hands and fix your furnace on your own. Here are three important reasons homeowners in Clayton, GA, shouldn’t attempt DIY furnace repairs in their properties:

Fires and Electrocution

If you own a gas-powered furnace, any mishap encountered during DIY repair could start a fire and put you in significant peril. The typical gas-powered furnace uses a complex network of valves and electrical wires, all of which interact with the combustion chamber, burners and the pilot light. Any wrong move could trigger a natural gas leak, and that gas can ignite.

Electric furnaces carry an analogous risk of electrocution with them. For your own safety, leave all repairs and maintenance to the pros.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

In addition to natural gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks present their own special dangers. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless but very toxic.

Your furnace’s pilot light should act as a sensor in this regard, turning yellow whenever carbon monoxide leaks out. But if your furnace has a faulty pilot light, you won’t know that this poisonous gas is leaking out at all.

Voiding Your Warranty

Different furnace warranties have different terms, but most include a clause that exempts from coverage any accidents occurring because of DIY repair. If you try to fix a problem on your own, you’re likely to mess up. Then, you’ll have to call for professional repairs anyway, only you will now have to pay full price for them.

To attempt DIY furnace repairs is to assume a great deal of risk and danger in return for small prospects of success. It would be much wiser to let the professionals take care of your problems. Call Radlee Heating and Cooling for the best furnace repair services in Clayton, GA.

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