The furnace in your Highlands, NC, home might make worrisome noises. Although it may be a large and complex piece of equipment, your furnace should operate rather quietly. Here are three loud furnace noises that mean you need professional help:


Rumbling noises often indicate pilot light related issues. Perhaps soot and dirt are obstructing the pilot light orifice, making it difficult for it to remain lit. It’s also possible that your furnace’s burners may be dirty or may have suffered some kind of damage, which would produce noise and cause the furnace to stop working.

To clean the burner or the pilot light orifice, you’ll have to disassemble a major part of the furnace. Since it’s difficult and potentially dangerous to try that on your own, call our professional service technicians to ask for repair or maintenance services instead.

Banging or Popping

A few different things might be behind this type of noise. The most common possibility is that your HVAC system’s ducts have suddenly began expanding now that you’ve turned on your furnace again. A banging or popping noise is normal in that case, but it should only be temporary.

Dirty burners can produce banging and popping noises. A crack in your furnace’s heat exchanger can also cause these noises. This not only compromises your furnace’s functioning, but it’s dangerous if there’s a carbon monoxide leak.


If your furnace starts whistling, it may have dirty filters that you’ll need to replace. This strange noise occurs when the air blows past the debris on the filter, creating friction. Your furnace may also make squealing noises, which generally mean it has a worn-out or damaged blower motor belt.

Loud furnace noises should spur you to seek help to get the problem fixed. Call us at Radlee Heating and Cooling today for furnace repair services in Highlands, NC.

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