When you’re making upgrades to your Mountain City, GA, home, a home automation system is a wise choice. They allow you to control compatible electronic devices by voice or with a tap of an app on your phone. New smart thermostats can be combined with home automation systems to improve your comfort and add convenience to your daily life. Here’s what you need to know about combining a smart thermostat with your home automation system.

Learn and Identify Ideal Temperature Settings

When integrated with your home automation system, a smart thermostat uses algorithms to learn and identify ideal temperature settings. It does this with a combination of geofencing and learning your typical schedule. Geofencing is a process in which the thermostat connects to your phone, which transmits a GPS signal of your location. This allows your heating and cooling system to efficiently time heating and cooling cycles. According to the Department of Energy, optimizing your home’s temperature settings with a smart thermostat could lower your energy use by 10% every year.

Receive Energy Use Reports

If you’re trying to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, heating and cooling expenses are a good place to start. Smart thermostats work with your home automation system to create an energy use report. You can use that information to make temperature adjustments and get reminders about when maintenance is needed.

Control Your Home from Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of smart thermostats and automated home systems is the ability to control and monitor your home from anywhere. If you’re running late, you can adjust the temperature setting to reflect your late arrival. You can also use the thermostat and automation system’s app to control your home’s humidity, lights, security system, lighting, and carbon monoxide or smoke alarms.

For more info on how to combine a smart thermostat with home automation systems, take a look at Radlee Heating and Cooling’s home automation services, or give us a call today for additional details.

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