Enabling you to control household fixtures through an app on your smartphone, the idea of a home automation system is hugely appealing. Figuring out how to put the system in place is something else altogether. Here are three great reasons to leave the set-up in the hands of a qualified service technician in Clarkesville, GA.

No-Hassle Installation

When you partner with Radlee Heating and Cooling, automating your home is as simple as installing a smart thermostat. As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, we offer thermostats equipped with a built-in Bridge. The home automation hub operates as a router, allowing you to control multiple devices from a smartphone app or website on your computer. Our pros make it easy to turn on the lights, monitor security cameras, and program your thermostat, all with a few taps of your finger.

Cost Savings

Upfront payments, long-term contracts, expensive equipment — the costs associated with most home automation installations add up fast. You’ll save a bundle when you combine a smart thermostat with home automation. You can add or subtract as many devices as you like, all for a nominal monthly subscription. Thanks to your new energy-efficient thermostat, the money you’ll save on heating and cooling can easily cover the cost.

Ease of Use

Compatible with all types of smartphones, Trane’s home automation app gives you instant access to all your connected devices. You can also purchase new products to add to your home automation systems. Options range from motion-control lighting to on/off buttons for your household appliances. Whether you want to turn up the heat or switch off the coffee maker, you can do it all remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There’s never been a more convenient way to automate your home.

Providing reliable home services since 1975, Radlee Heating and Cooling is your premier choice for home automation systems. To learn more, explore our Trane Products section or call us to speak with a qualified service technician.

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